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Wandering Madmen
Honor on the road of lonely travel

That is all XD

My record is 2579.21m.
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I dunno if people already saw this but yeah:


Its been so long since I've since ShikamaruxTemaki....she makes Naruto, Kiba and Shika so droolworthy *_* *humps her leg*
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This is SO HILARIOUS XD Here are some examples

Shadow Tree - Catholic Touch
Doubles the damage dealt by your Vampiric Touch spell to altar boys. (HAHAHAHAHA)

Improved Shadow Form
Your character changes into a Warlock

Holy Tree - Circle of Hell
Rank 9 Punishes Shadow priests for betraying their brethren
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The bloodelves look so pretty. And at last, no overmuscled, pumped up, 100% testosterone males!!!!!!
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Wow...its been ages since I've written in my LJ XDDDD

So...couple of things. My birthday (July 21st) proved to be very very interesting XD

- I got home from India on the 20th with a truck load of goals to fulfill for work and the most fun I've had travelling. I GOT TO RIDE AN ELEPHANT!!!! 8D Pune was very inviting and interesting. Although the bomb threats in Mumbai made me go o.O for awhile there.

- Birthday day off to spend with sheep. I got the most happiest and bestest gift EVAR!!! Sheep proposed! Swyth is now engaged to the kindest person on this planet XD <3 <3 <3 ( I figured some people who still haunt my journal would be interested in hearing XD)

- One of my closest friends in Brissy just told us she was PREGNANT XD It was a very awesome day filled with good news <3

Alas, tomorrow I have work so I sign off now :3
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The dust on this journal is enough to give me a heart attack. Dx I've considered what to write a half dozen of times now just to update it but sadly I have had no experiences to write about that may seem remotely interesting to the readers of this journal. Its been a long time since PoT, a long time since MUD...and a very long lease at what one might call reality.

Well reality being...WoW. Which is by the way, down right now so since I am currently trying to wean myself off from Gaia, I decided to park my ass here instead :D The WoW servers just had to go down at this moment in time of course just when I decided to move to a pve server instead of PVP. Well, not move but retire to when I feel the urge to LOP every freaking horde's head off for GANKING, CAMPING and doing wtf to me all the time. Oh yay! Kill the priest first. Whoopdedoo. (of course if I was a horde player, I'd be griping about the Alliance) The point being, I freaking HATE HATE HATE GANKERS. Yes I am a carebear T.T I can't stand to bully the goddamn enemy when he's two levels below me T.T The other problem being I am easily excitable. My stupid blood pressure goes up, my heart starts pumping and I almost black out each time I have to deal with freaking PVP. How weak is that? >.<

Ok...um let's MOVE ON 8D How is life treating everyone? I hope that people who might see this are well and happy (and most of all, NOT BEING GANKED. That's the most important part to a WoW addict XD)

IRL stuff: Um..working. Working. But not until next week when I get 3 weeks vacation. Mangga't bagoong here I come! <3

So...um I can't really discuss anime or anything since I have not been up2date on any of the stuff.

But if you ever find yourself as an alliance in any of these servers, seek me out:

Boulderfist - Emerylle (yes XD I stole lyn's emy~ heeheee) - human priest
Icecrown - Caillen - warlock (MELT YOUR FACES >E)
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Watch eet!

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I have 2 14 day trial versions of WoW for anyone who would like to try it XD Comment. You know you want tooooo
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Just because Arc and I were discussing our respective mmorpgs ^^ Granted WoW does not have the pretty pictures that L2 has but I love the interface better. It frustrates me less XD Can't deny the shinyprettyaesthetics of L2 though XD

In any case...I just wanted to show Arc my FUGLY BOOTS, my FUGLY BELT and my ultra unfashionable pants ;o;

Here are the unfashionable boots in REAL LIVE IN GAME FUGLINESS.

Here is my fugly boots in real game 8D And I really just realized how fugly my belt is T_T OMG AM SURROUNDED BY FUGLINESS!!! *cries*
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